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​​I am also an expert on weight and dieting. Having previously lost over 100lb in weight and kept weight off since I have developed a weight management solution which I know works. I am also really into meditation and have an active interest in holistic wellbeing and self development - not least because I had to find ways to deal with personal challenges in my life. Most of my TV outfits come from charity shops!!
My ideal evening is sitting round a large table with friends, listening to Depeche Mode, enjoying food, discussing life, the world, the Universe 
and Leeds United, and sharing a lot
of laughs. Or singing! "

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Peg Alexander is Leeds UK based English TV Presenter, Radio Broadcaster, Journalist, Speaker and occasional Writer. 

"I'm a colourful, warm and knowledgeable Yorkshire lass. An eternal optimist with a real love for life, I'm all about the world we live in and life in general. I love people and their stories - from politics and current affairs to very human individual stories.

I am someone who can definitely say that life begins at 40! Engaged on my 40th birthday, since then I have got married, sorted out my weight having been morbidly obese, been approved to adopt a child, had 2 miscarriages and accepted I'll not have children, spent a year backpacking around the world and totally changed career!

Prior to moving into broadcasting, I previously had over 20 very successful years as a senior person in public/social/community policy and services, both on the ground and at strategic level. I've worked in local government on regeneration and community development, and for a Government agency where I developed national practice for all of England's local authority children's services departments and children's charities. I've run charities myself, providing local and community services and supported and advised hundreds others. I've created, developed and run campaigning and multi agency initiatives at local, regional and national level, and even had a spell in politics at a national leadership level during my 20s. All of this means that I have a very real take on how life really is for so many people. I am a Trustee Director for a local Citizens Advice bureau.

The great thing about broadcasting, whether current affairs or magazine shows, is that you get to combine knowledge of 'stuff' with knowledge of life. My life experience and personal story has often been colourful, often challenging, and not exactly what I planned, but needless to say I wouldn't change it for anything, both ups and downs.

My expertise includes travel. I recently

spent a year backpacking around the

world with my husband Patrick on what

we called our 'mid-life crisis global

adventure' which I shared on my 

blog Middle Aged Spread.