Feedback from events:

"Peg was the stand-out Chair of the festival. She was willing and able to work flexibly. She was never fazed by changes, and made potentially stressful situations easy to handle. 

I was hugely impressed with Peg’s knowledge and repertoire. She has such a broad range of interests, making her the perfect Chair for a variety of events – from culture, to politics, to literature. She demonstrated her ability to turn her hand to any given subject.

Finally, her manner with the artists was exemplary. Warm, friendly, and professional at all times, creating thoroughly enjoyable events for the audience, the participants, and the organisers. I know from feedback that everyone who worked with Peg enjoyed doing so, and found her to be a highly skilled chair."
Charlotte Garside, Bradford Literature Festival
I have chaired and hosted sessions across the years at the festival. From chairing discussions between a number of authors to Q&As and in-conversations.

“We were delighted with it - we had an idea in mind and I think you helped us deliver on that brilliantly.  The atmosphere was really good and I think a lot of that was down the format we’d developed together and your hosting of it.  I think people found it refreshing - and not what they expected. ” 
Rob Greenland, Leeds Community Homes.
I hosted their Share Offer Launch Event. We had a lot of information to get over but did not want to overload the audience. So I hosted it using a journalistic interview format combined with images projected.

"We were delighted to have Peg as our compere for The Village, she was so easy to work with and took on the challenge with very little brief, using her initiative and experience to talk to the crowds. She was very professional and also flexible, happy to adapt each day as and when new things arose. She always had a smile on her face and was happy to help wherever she could. I look forward to working with Peg again in the future."
Philippa Kelly Bull - Welcome to Yorkshire
The Village was an outdoor spectator hub for the Tour de Yorkshire. I compered the stage for the 4 days of the race.

You were/are an excellent discussion facilitator and I loved the way you wove things together with Noel and myself.” Pete White, Positive Prisons
Pete was one of 2 speakers I held an In Conversation With type event at the Bradford Literature Festival, July 2017

“Thanks Peg. It was awesome. A massive success. Thank you for pitching it right so that our event was as appropriate for the young people who attended and also for the professional workers there. 

It wasn’t just your hosting on the day, it was all your help and advice in advance thinking about how we could achieve what we wanted and devising ways and resources to enable us to do just that. 

We were so pleased with the amount of interaction at the event, especially from the young people. It was your ideas about how we could get young people interacting in a way they are used to from social media in such a formal venue that made that happen. You totally nailed it!
”  Alex Church - Director of Making Your Mind Up, Bradford.
I hosted and facilitated an 'Echo Chamber' event in Bradford City Hall which included around 80 or 90 young people and front line workers, the aim of which was for the professionals to hear the voices of young people and also gain a sense of what matters to them around mental health. Using ideas of mine we found ways to enable a large group of young people to prioritise their concerns in a way that was easy, fun and engaging.

"I just want to thank you for your excellent chairing skills on Friday and for ensuring that the Question Time section of our event ran smoothly and effectively.  We really appreciate you doing this for us.  The feedback we have received has been universally positive." Chris Whiley - CEO, Carers Resource
I chaired a politicians Question Time event, not just making sure questions were asked but moving around the order to the discussion flowed for the audience.

​"Peg was fantastic, extremely engaging and very successful in achieving the outcomes desired for the young people."
​"Peg drew out the best of the young people. The session was clearly structured and it gave them plenty of space to express themselves".
Comments from staff
"This is so fantastic as it built up my confidence and the best thing I've ever done. This is a life changing event." Comment from a young person on the training.
Over summer 2017 I trained around 450
16 year olds in public speaking skills
for The Speakers Trust as part of the
National Citizenship Service
​summer challenge.



In addition to my journalist, presenter and speaking skills, I can bring my wider experience to your event. For example I have designed, created and run many many facilitated events over the years. 

My main aim is to give you the kind of event you want. For example it could be a very formal award event, Or maybe you want a much more facilitated working event which aims to achieve a decision. Or it might be a consultation event, even an event where you need to make a decision. Or an event where you want to promote an activity of product to your audience.

Whichever you want, I can help you out. ​​

I am available to help your event be the best it can be. If you need a Presenter, Host, MC, Chair, Interviewer, In conversation with, or Facilitator give me a shout.  

Public, voluntary sector, partnership events and more...

Events aimed at the public sector, voluntary sector, and partnership initiatives at a local and national level are a particular speciality. 

Prior to becoming a broadcaster and presenter, I worked for over 20 years in the public and voluntary sectors. For much of this time I headed up multi-sector partnership initiatives and worked with groups of people from all sectors to develop agreed vision, strategy and ways forward, as well as all sorts of activities designed to create buy-in to an idea, initiative or project. 

This knowledge, understanding and experience never goes away and I bring all that to your event in addition to hosting skills. 

In addition I have written and delivered a lot of training. From training in policy work for Citizens Advice through to courses in understanding legal structures or sessions in working with parliament and the media. 

So if you think I can help your event please do give me a shout. 

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