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“I can highly recommend Peg Alexander to you as an inspiring and gifted public speaker. Her work with us has including a brilliant and different Prize Night speech together with a highly motivational talk for female students in Year 9. She is simply cutting edge in her ability to inspire.”  Paul Morrisey. Head Teacher, Guiseley School. 

“Peg delivered an absolutely inspirational presentation at proNet, Spen Valley. Speaking with complete confidence, she took us through her remarkable personal undulating journey, which mesmerised the audience. Her ‘shining light’ towards the end produced a brain tingling connection among proNet’s members. All feedback was rated as ‘outstanding. I’ve been fortunate to attend and photograph numerous professional public speakers. Peg’s is one of the few that instantly sticks within you and to which I have used to project a positive attitude daily life.” 
Roger V Moody, Organiser at proNet, Spen Valley.

"You clearly spoke from the heart and you were a great model of how to be effective with an audience.  The comments were pitched just right for the age group and experience of the students concerned.  You certainly connected with them and I am sure they will be all the stronger for it next time they do something like this.  You were motivating!”
Quentin Deakin, Coordinator of Citizenship and Community Cohesion, Beckfoot School.

"Peg delivered a session at The Magnet Club, all about how food impacts on personal productivity and therefore that of your business. It was thought-provoking, entertaining, and had everyone engaged. The feedback afterwards from our attendees was fantastic – it really did provide food for thought! I would recommend Peg to anyone who runs groups or large meetings. She will be an asset to your event.”
Nina Morton-Brook, Owner, The Magnet Club Business Network

"Peg Alexander was the guest speaker at the LighterLife Remarkable People Conference in November 2010. She inspired the audience of over 300 revealing her weight-loss journey and life transformation after losing over 7 ½ stone in 2008. As a highly professional spokesperson Peg also took part in a podcast, video footage and was invited to attend a series of journalist meetings in March 2011."
Heather Butcher, Lighterlife PR & Communications Manager

“Candid, challenging and a can do attitude all stirred up with a spoonful of common sense and a sprinkling of wisdom. Peg  Alexander engages and enchants with a touch of style.”
Alison Mander. Deputy Headteacher, Guiseley School. Talk given to Year 9 girls on body image and self respect.

“Great energy and warmth. You oozed your love of live and positive attitude.”“Great story. Your positivity is infectious.”
Attendees at a talk given at Dewsbury  Women’s Health Centre  

Motivational speaker

I am a very experienced speaker. My motivational talks are always written specifically for each audience and I
tackle subjects including making difficult decisions, coping with challenges in life (incuding medical and body challenges), having aspiration, and just going for it. 
My talks have included school talks and student prize nights, business meetings, women’s groups and general presentations. They all include stories, honesty, humour and, I hope, wisdom.     

  “Simply cutting edge in her ability to inspire.”
     “All feedback was rated as ‘outstanding.”
     “Peg continues to be an inspiration.”
     “Heartfelt and engaging.”

​Just some of the things people have said about my talks. 

So ... what do I talk about?

I have two main areas that I talk about:

* The first is about making the most of life and career, including when life deals you hands you didn't want or expect.

* I also talk specifically about issues around food and weight, personal development, identity and positive body image.

So ... why me?

‘Jump and the net will appear’ was a phrase a friend told me her Dad used to always say. Many times in my life I have done just that. And guess what? The net always has!

My current life truly began at 40 - with a marriage proposal on my 40th birthday, a wedding, and nearly becoming a parent after years of trying. Having spent most of my adult life
morbidly obese I also took control of my weight and lost over 100lb in weight.Then a big decision when facing redundancy for the first time - to go for a total change of career. 

So, after over 20 very successful years in campaigning and the public and voluntary sectors where I ran and headed up many initiatives, including holding high office at a very young age, I decided to start again. The route wasn’t always straight forward – in fact at one point the new career and trying to become parents was so challenging that me and my husband gave everything up, rented out our house, bought backpacks and headed off around the world for a year on a
mid-life crisis trip!

It was the best thing we could have done, even if we did return to the UK with no home (rented out), no jobs and no stuff. Now within a few years of making the decision to change our lives I’m doing what I’ve always wanted to do – working as a TV and Radio presenter. I've also developed a
weight management solution. My husband now runs his own business. We live an unconventional life – we still haven’t gone back to the house we own and we have accepted we won't be parents – but life is better and more exciting than ever. 

I love being able to share my insight, experiences and, I hope, wisdom to help others to take control of their lives too.