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"Peg was a natural, a shameless flirt with an alternative interview style to mainstream presenters. She had politicians eating out of her hand thanks to her warmth and subject knowledge. ​​Memorable with an easy, natural style of delivery." 

Judges comments, Best TV Presenter, O2 Media Awards (Y&H) 2016

This week's look back at UK politics .....

This is a weekly podcast I do for social media. I take a quick look at the previous week's goings-on and shenanigans from my non Westminster-Bubble perspective. Previous weeks are on my Youtube channel. 

News commentating live just hours after

the murder of Jo Cox

Some snippets from my weekly live news 

chat show - Between The Lines 2016/17

'I get people to talk and have great conversations'​​

Lighthearted double-act travel video - replacing bad karma!

Some snippets from various current affairs

​shows - Summer 2016 to Summer 2017

From The Lowdown, Made in Leeds TV

what's on magazine show

​​​​I am an award winning* experienced factual freelance TV presenter. My speciality is observation and getting all sorts of people to talk with me: honestly, freely, with humour and candour. 

Over 100 episodes of Between the Lines, a live news chat show. A lighthearted dash through:

"You did make me feel 'Wow! Perhaps I've done something here!'. So whatever your technique or personality you do bring out the best in people!"

Comment from one interviewee

I have anchored live studio shows - such as a recent General Election Debate - and shows recorded as live both on location and in the studio, as well as filming scripted pieces on location. To date most of my shows have been current affairs programmes, from an your long filmed current affairs discussion show filmed on location with a number of guests and up to 4 subjects; two series of an intense one to one political interview show; through to my current show, a lively and often lighthearted live news chat show. My interests are the world we live and life in general. I try to make all my politics and current affairs discussion very real and human. 

My politics and current affairs approach is non confrontational. I encourage discussion and exploration of issues rather than conflict and disagreement, without ducking issues. I am really interested in finding out about values, beliefs and motivations as much as policies, because that's when people, particularly politicians, often feel able to honestly talk about their actions and future plans. I bring as humour as much as I can to my shows. 

General Election June 2017 - Decision Made debates and post analysis shows

From BBC One Inside Out - Obesity Report

* Award winning Best Team at the O2 Media Awards 2017 for Made in Leeds News and Current Affairs Team; finalist Best Presenter also for Royal Television Society and O2 Media Awards 2016. 

Interviews for Depeche Mode's official Facebook page. This had over 100K views!

Not just current affairs......

As someone who is all about people and their stories I am also a features presenter and am really interested in lifestyle and human interest stories. I also have particular expertise and experience in health/wellbeing and travel.

I'm available for work in the UK and internationally.

Showreel 2017

TV Presenter

Over the last 2 years I have presented hundreds of shows over 8 current affairs series on UK city TV, as well as features on BBC One show Inside Out.