Comments on the blog:

"A great read!"

"This piece is so moving I can hardly type for the tears."

"Hi Peg and Pat. I love reading your stuff – it’s like being there but without the toilets and mossie spray. Your feet will come clean much quicker than you think!"

"What an amazing read – I really felt for you amongst the unknown trials and tribulations of your “healing” experiences – you brave woman!! What interesting – yet very strange – people you meet along the way in your adventures. These few days certainly sounded like some adventure! eek! I can’t begin to appreciate how relieved you must have felt to get back to Patrick – I certainly was!! Stay safe and enjoy your amazing time together!"

"I have just read this blog. I cried with and for you whilst reading this. Believe me when I say that tears are good and that I don't feel sad for you – just profoundly saddened by what has happened to you." 

"This pulled at my heart and made me cry. This latest blog is so touching – even if your compassion overtook your resolve!"



I am the creator and writer of The Keep Weight Off Solution. After losing nearly 8 stone myself in 2008 and keeping the weight off ever since, I have developed The Solution based on my personal experiences and my extensive research about health and wellbeing, food, weight, lifestyle and feeling good. Find out more here.

Whilst backpacking around the world with my husband for a year in 2012/13 I wrote a blog – Peg and Pat’s Global Adventure .

Although our travels provided the background for the blog, it is more the story of two people, exhausted by years of unsuccessfully trying to become parents who decided to say au-revoir to the UK economy and the austerity programme, stressful jobs and social workers. On our travels we said a massive ‘hello world’, went to some of the world's most interesting places, met amazing people, experienced the bizarre, and learned to cope without stuff, money, other people and hair dye. 

​I am currently working on turning the blog into a book. We both plan to return to travelling, with a trip around the Americas. It’s not a question of if, just a question of when…… 

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