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Prior to becoming a presenter I worked for over 25 years at a senior level in the public and voluntary sectors. I now combine my two careers, providing consultancy services to organisations, partnerships and networks. 

As a consultant I have worked on a wide variety of issues and service areas - from 'blank piece of paper' consultancies where I needed to put together a strategy and plan for taking forward a particular initiative or service or idea (for example a piece of work I did on how to develop a regional community accountancy service) to detailed consultancies restructuring advice services and agencies.  


I use a range of methods in my consultancy, depending on the needs of each individual job. And I try to be creative in how I work and when looking for new ideas, solutions and options where this is part of the consultancy. I don't believe that anything has to be as it is because that's how its always been.


Additionally, I am a firm believer that public and other services have to change and respond to the needs of the people who use them, but, that change is always better when it's driven by the people affected. So I try to place collaboration, listening, understanding and true involvement at the heart of what I do. So, I use extensive consultation, discussion with and engagement of stakeholders and partners, testing of ideas. I will often hold facilitated events designed specifically to either gain feedback, garner views and to help collective decision making.  


With my current role in communications and getting a message across, I combine my previous experience with real expertise in getting your message out and creating buy-in and involvement. And I can use my expertise in what I produce - for a recent evaluation and forward planning consultancy I not only produced a detailed written report, but also 2 videos about the evaluation findings for social media. 


As a very experienced manager of organisations and people I also do interim management and project/service set up.


You can find my professional CV on my 

LinkedIn Profile. 


Testimonials about my services:


"If you are looking for someone who is creative, strategic, insightful, a great net-worker, who delivers high level projects with integrity, then Peg is the person. I should also mention she is great fun to work with and always has the gift of a smile for everyone." Gina Glot. Partner agency and joint initiatives. 



"Peg is a rare person. Fun, personable and able to connect with people at every level, yet thoroughly professional, great insight and up front. Peg is committed to high quality work and delivers to time and to budget. I can't wait to have another project to work with her again." Martin Houghton Brown. Charity Chief Executive


"Peg is very creative, very good at coming up with innovative solutions to complex problems, often on a national scale but in a way that could be understood at the frontline. She translated the "virtual" and made it a reality. Her positive attitude washes off on those around her. She is focused yet mindful and considerate of others." Hillary Ellam, CWDC. Previous manager.



"Peg has a fantastic mix of creativity and clarity of purpose. Peg will think how to do a task in a way that challenges but at the same time gets a clear result." Mick Charlton, Bradford Council. 


 "Peg is a experienced and dynamic consultant with wide range of knowledge and skills. She listens well to what is needed and has excellent attention to detail. Her engaging style is well received and she is a brilliant communicator who frequently comes up with fresh and innovative perspectives. I have always enjoyed working with her." Tony Herrmann. Consultant and partner agency. 



"Peg is a lively, personable, focused and inspirational leader and facilitator. She rapidly developed an enviable reputation as a consultant through both her enabling skills and her approach to working with groups - skills that are now enhanced with a wide range of experience." Ian Owers. Consultant.



"Peg manages to be deeply strategic in a fun way which is too rare a thing my view!" Madeleine Irwin. Partner agency


"Peg has a real talent supporting creative artists to clarify their vision and understand precisely what needs to be done to achieve those goals. Her perspective from a regeneration and the public sector is invaluable to someone like myself involved in the arts." Deborah Sanderson, Arts Professional


Peg is a smart, mature and dependable individual who always leads by example and her inclusive and collaborative style of working encourages the broadest support and 'buy-in' making her an asset to any organisation. David Richardson - Bradford Breakthrough Business Network

Services Provided:

Consultancy services to public, voluntary sector, campaigns and multi agency partnerships in the areas of:

* Strategy and Planning – from engagement of stakeholders / partners in defining strategy and direction, through to creation of written strategy and business/implementation plans and materials

* Review, Research and Evaluation – consultation, engagement and review leading designing future planning and where next?

* Communications, marketing, PR, presentations, using social media, public speaking support and training. 

* Development of materials and user guides etc

* Interim management & delivery / project and organisational start up.

* Organisational/service development, review, change and improvement.

* Partnership and network development. 

* Training and development. Mentoring, one to one coaching and support. 

* Needs analysis and review.


Media / comms support:

* Support in getting your message across and out there

* Developing a social media and comms strategy 

* Training in how to make videos on your phone 

Peg Alexander

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