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From 'in-conversations-with' to theatre shows. Workshops and interactive events. Formal ceremonies and festival stages and subject based conferences. 

Live Events are a favourite - an audience, group of participants or crowd make them so great to do. I do informal events through to major choreographed large events. Live in person, or online. 


Award ceremonies are a pure delight to present. Festival main stage hosting is such good fun. I also do many 'in conversation' events on a whole range of topics, particularly for festivals. Recently I have hosted events as diverse as an interview discussion on Marxist economics with Paul Mason to An Evening with Luke Goss or an In conversation with Frankie Boyle about his new crime thriller. I have also had the honour of hosting Yorkshire Shepherdess Amanda Owen's 2020 and 2021 sell out theatre tour. 

I also host and chair conferences, facilitated events and workshops. Recent examples include a number of economics conferences, the world's first KindEx kindness conference, a series of public workshops on equity, and sessions at COP26 in Glasgow. This is where my previous career running charities and partnership initiatives, and working in public policy/campaigns comes into its own. Over the years having designed and facilitated many events and conferences to enable decision making, consultation and engagement. Because I can combine my hosting and presenting skills with my inside knowledge and experience I can really bring something additional to the event. 

Online as well as in person

From my purposed online home hosting studio, I've hosted webinars, training sessions, Q&A/in-conversations-with, online conferences, meet ups and facilitated sessions. 


Some skills are the same as in person events, but zoom and other online and streamed events need a whole loads of additional skills and qualities to keep them interesting, maybe interactive, engaging and to maintain energy. Thankfully my clients tell me my wide ranging skills, warmth, positivity, and hosting skills and experience do just that. 

All about the energy

Whether live in person or online I always feel blessed at live events that so many people will come and talk to me afterwards, giving great feedback. I think me and the audience feed off each other's energy. 

So whatever your live event, I will bring pure professionalism and often an unrivalled knowledge, but I'll also bring my warmth, humour, joie de vivre. And of course I'll crack a few jokes. 

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Live Event Host

In-Person and Online

Peg was the stand-out Chair of the festival. Warm, friendly, and professional, creating thoroughly enjoyable events for the audience, the participants, and the organisers.   

It was such an empowering, brilliant digital event. I truly enjoyed it and its energy took me by surprise. 
You were fabulous – you added such an energy and your ability to engage with an  audience is amazing
Peg is a great events chair: well-prepared, inquisitive and with a talent for translating complex subjects for a lay audience
You did a fantastic job with your professionalism in presenting and interviewing. You made the event so special. But most of all, your warmth shines through and you are great on a human level, and that made the spirit of the event so uplifting. 
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