Peg is an experienced podcast host

Whether it's hosting my own light hearted alternative 80s/90s music podcast, or hosting podcasts for other people, in my podcasts I'm still all about having great conversations and getting people to talk. 

Currently I'm just finishing a new commissioned podcast series I've hosted and produced with people who are making the difference when it comes to affordable housing. Meanwhile.....

Peg in podcast action

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Peg & Phil - You Spin Me Right Round

An 80s musical adventure

Phil Turner, me and occasional guests wander through the music we grew up with - alternative and indie 80s (and other decades if we are honest). We remember the songs, the bands themselves, the things that happened to the world or to us us around the music.

We have no script or outline - we just have a ridiculous amount of knowledge of the music, endless stories and connections to the bands and their songs, and a real love of the time and its soundtrack. One song leads to another story. 

Available on all podcast apps........ Just search 'Peg and Phil'

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Together in Nursing

For a nursing audience, in Together in Nursing I have intimate and lively chats with some of the most inspiring voices in nursing, healthcare and beyond. We talk about them, their work, what motivates them, coping through the pandemic and much much more. 

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Making Fashion Sustainable - A new direction for fashion, a new direction for Leeds?

A new documentary podcast commissioned by the Royal Society of Arts, this very personal podcast takes me back through a documentary made by myth father 50 years to look at whether Leeds could once again change the face of the world's fashion and help create a blueprint for more sustainable circular economies and sustainable fashion. Find out more about the project its part of and its economic aims here. 

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