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Radio & Voice


An experienced talk radio presenter, reporter and broadcast journalist. In the studio and out and about. My radio speciality is getting all sorts of people to talk and having great conversations, with openness, candour, warmth, and, more often than not, humour. 

In 2023, my live radio reporting was recognised as one of 16 best moments of BBC Radio in 2023, in Pick of the Year


I cover news, current affairs, lifestyle, arts and culture and so much more. I host straight talk radio and also talk shows with music. From serious news and politics to very lighthearted or real and human; sometimes all at the same time.


Freelance roving reporter/Broadcast Journalist for BBC Radios Leeds and York, I've also worked for BBC Radio 2, Radio 4 and the World Service. 


Presenter on breakfast, news and general magazine shows on BCB 106.6fm – Regional Radio station of the Year 2013 and 2014. 

I always put a lot of myself and my story into my shows and inserts; no matter what I'm talking about I work to make it real. I'm often told I ask the questions or say the things viewers are thinking themselves. 

“Fast, fun and lively. The interview with the successful UKIP councillor (my interview) was outstanding and underlines the bravery running through the station..." Radio Academy Station of the Year citation

Voice Over work:

I also do voice-over work. For example, this explainer video I both scripted and voiced. 

Live on the radio

Live Radio - Some Bits & Pieces
Unscripted personal story - the week lockdown started
Unscripted explain of what was happening in Parliament as I spoke
Live interview - UKIP Counsellor digs a massive hole
Live location on the spot feature BBC Radio
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