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peg alexander

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A colourful, warm, optimistic English northerner. All about people, politics, planet; the world we live in and life in general.


Former politician, Charity CEO and expert in people-powered change. I get people to talk and have great conversations

My Work

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Getting people to talk and having great conversations

TV Presenter

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Seen and heard on .....

As well as loads of live events

Smart, funny, focused. Probably the best interview I’ve had in 5+ years
Intelligent, refreshing, articulate, knowledgable, sassy and warm
A shameless flirt. Memorable with an easy, natural style of delivery

O2 Media Awards Best TV Presenter judges

You alternately 
raise serious issues in an accessible way and make me laugh, sometimes both at once
You added such energy and your ability to engage with an audience is amazing
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