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A colourful, warm, optimistic English northerner. All about people, politics, planet; the world we live in and life in general.


Former politician, Charity CEO and expert in people-powered change. I get people to talk and have great conversations


PEG In action

Getting people to talk and having great conversations

TV Presenter

Smart, funny, focused. Probably the best interview I’ve had in 5+ years
Intelligent, refreshing, articulate, knowledgable, sassy and warm
A shameless flirt. Memorable with an easy, natural style of delivery

O2 Media Awards Best TV Presenter judges

You alternately 
raise serious issues in an accessible way and make me laugh, sometimes both at once
You added such energy and your ability to engage with an audience is amazing

About me

I'm a colourful, warm and knowledgeable Yorkshire lass; an eternal optimist with a real love for life. I'm all about what makes the world go round - people, their stories, politics and .... music, TV, football and cake. 

The youngest of 9 kids, I believe life should be an adventure. I love difference; a world all the same would be so boring. I like to see life's humour, quirks and joy wherever possible.  


My life has been as colourful as I am - the great and not so great. I backpacked blogged around the world for a year in my 40s, been morbidly obese and lost the weight and kept it off for years sharing my solution for how to do this, tried without luck to have kids in various ways, and completely changed careers. 

Presenting is my 2nd career. I was a politician in my 20s, rising to be the leader (Principal Speaker) of the Green Party nationally and on its Executive for a number of years. I have spent over 25 years running charities and campaigns, and working at senior levels in public policy and government.


I am so lucky to be able to combine these 2 careers now. I am an expert in how communities, charities and organisations can tackle issues and problems - working out what needs to happen and how to make the change. I currently support new people powered housing around the country. My top charity is Citizens Advice; I've worked with and for them for 30 years. 

Originally trained as a fashion designer, I try to live zero waste and pledged to buy no new new outfits this year - all my work clothes come from charity and 2nd hand shops. I have a very strong spiritual side. I meditate daily and totally believe in and live by the Law of Attraction.


A typical Sagittarian, I'm on an endless quest to understand the meaning of life combined with an insatiable wanderlust. I love to make people smile and the world seem a bit sunnier. And also hopefully help people to look at the world in new, different ways.  Because that's what makes life exciting! 

My ideal evening is sitting round a large table with friends, listening to Depeche Mode, enjoying food, discussing life, the world, the universe, and Leeds United. Laughing or singing - preferably both!


British award winning factual and features  TV Presenter, Radio Presenter, Broadcast Journalist, Podcaster and Live Event Host