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A decade and a different life ago, husband Patrick and I went on a mid-life crisis trip. We were definitely escaping - from austerity and the end of my job; from a potentially marriage-destroying adoption approval process; and from miscarriages. 


So we gave up our jobs, gave away most of our stuff, put rucksacks on our backs, and set off for a year travelling anti-clockwise. 


With just an iPad, I blogged our way round. Initially I thought it would be a straight forward travel blog about the places we'd been. Very quickly it became about the people we met and the bizarre and silly things that happened around us. And then equally quickly it also became part Eat, Pray, Love, part memoir and part story of us facing up to what had happened and thinking about the future. 


The blog website has now got a bug so can't be viewed. But here's one of the blog posts -

complete with all the travel typos from a very old wordpress template with no spell check,

dodgy wifi and an early model iPad! But sadly minus the photos like this one which is pretty

central to the story (and was about a foot and a half long!). But still you'll get a flavour. 


We had a Facebook page kept updated with photos and posts. Lots of our other photos on


It was my intention to turn this blog into a book, but I never did. A decade on from us landing back - and now as a journalist with a life so different from the one we left you can't imagine and the most crazy 10 years in between - we're planning to go back to Asia and do the same trip again. But this time in the other direction. And I will still be writing my way round, but this time specifically for a book. 

So watch this space.......

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